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Tempworks are the Central West experts when it comes to installation, servicing, maintenance and repairs regarding your air conditioninggas heatingrefrigeration or mechanical service’s needs. Tempworks has over 20 years’ experience spanning all aspects of industrialcommercial and domestic applications.

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Most people in this day and age rely on mechanical ventilation and climate control systems to be comfortable in their environment.  Extreme weather changes call for the need to be prepared and to have air conditioning systems regularly checked by a professional for optimum performance and durability.

With over 20 Years Industry Experience Tempworks will ensure your air conditioning, gas heating and refrigeration needs are met hassle free.  Our commercial and domestic maintenance programmes are individually designed to benefit your specific requirements.

We gain many of our customers through word of mouth because we have a reputation for being reliable and can meet your needs with a minimum of fuss.

When it comes to reliability and experience our rates are also very competitive.

We source a wide range of the best quality products with consideration given to reliability, cost efficiency and durability. Whether you require a new installation or maintenance on existing equipment you are welcome to contact us for advice and consultation on how to best utilise your system.

Tempworks practice safe work methods and are compliant with Workcover W H & S policy, tag lockout processes and Australian Standard compliance. We also work in with any internal processes you may have such as site induction or maintenance shutdown requirements.

Tempworks service the Central West from Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Blayney and Oberon areas offering competitive prices and a prompt, mobile turn around service.

To keep your premises comfortable and reduce your energy costs, here are some handy tips for a more efficient and cost effective air conditioning | ducted gas heating | add-on cooling systems operation.

We recommend that you have a professional service your system at least once a year.

For a nominal fee, Tempworks offer a yearly maintenance service where we thoroughly check your air conditioning, or ducted gas heating system to ensure that it is working at it’s most efficient. Click here to be included on our maintenance service list.

Late Spring / Summer

Air conditioning systems recycle the air from within the house via the return air filter.  This is where the system actually removes heat as the air passes through the unit. 

1. Keep your return air filter/s clean.

2. Close all windows to prevent cold air escaping and hot air coming in from outside.

3. Keep your blinds and curtains closed before the sun hits the area you wish to cool.

4. Close off any unused rooms that don’t need to be air conditioned, such as the bathroom, toilet, ensuite, pantry and laundry. This will reduce the amount of area your air conditioner has to condition and your unit won't have to work has hard, keeping utility costs down.

5. We recommend the thermostat be set to 22 – 24 degrees Celsius.

6. Set your air conditioner to start up just before you arrive home. Most of the units we offer have this function.

7. Leave your system running with the thermostat set to 27 -28 degrees Celsius during the day when not at home.

8. Have your insulation checked to make sure it is correctly installed - insulation breaks down over time and looses it effectiveness.

9. Install whirly bird ventilation to remove excess heat from your roof space.

Late Autumn / Winter

We know that living in the Central West can get pretty chilly during the winter months!
Imagine coming home to a cosy, warm house after being outside on a fresh winter’s day?

Well, here are a few tips for getting the most out of your air conditioner or ducted gas heating system during the cooler months.

1. Make sure your filters are clean.  If you’re not sure how to clean them or if they need replacing, just ask one of our friendly team members to check them for you! Ask about our maintenance service by using our contact form below.

2. Let as much winter sunlight into your home as possible!  It makes sense to use the natural environment to compliment and help your heating system to run more efficiently.

3. Insulation plays an important part in running an efficient heating & cooling system in your home, check it or have it checked, the results can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

4. Don’t forget to ensure all of your windows have good quality seals and glass to minimise the loss of warm air going outside and cool air from outside coming in.

5. Any windows without sun on them are allowing cold air to transfer inside, so pull the blinds and close the curtains to create a thermal barrier.

6. If you can afford to, opt for double glazed windows.

7. Porous roof tiles can increase thermal loss.

8. Make sure whirly bird vents are shut off, you need to retain the heat in your roof space. 

Yearly Maintenance Service

To ensure you are getting the most out of your heating and cooling systems, it’s important to keep them running as efficiently as possible. 

Apart from keeping your air conditioning unit or gas heating system in tip top condition, you will save money on your energy bills if your system is running efficiently!

We recommend having a maintenance check at the end of the hotter or colder months when your unit is not in use, this ensures that there will be no issues once that hot / cold weather sets in!
We offer a yearly maintenance service that includes;

Air conditioning systems

• Checking return air filter clean or replace filter medium

• Checking and clearing drains

• Checking your system for any obvious faults

• Checking electrical wiring and connections

• Checking refrigerant charge

• Check unit operation

Gas heating systems

• Check return air filter, clean or replace filter medium

• Check and clear drains (high efficiency systems)

• Check flue is clear and in good condition

• Check flue fan operation

• Check gas pressure

• Check burner condition / clean

• Check fan condition / operation

• Check and clean flame sensor

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